Skydda in brief;

Skydda forms part of the B&B Tools group, which provides the industrial and building sectors in Northern Europe with tools, consumables and components. Skydda is one of the leading suppliers of solutions and equipment for personal protection in Northern Europe. Our mission is to make our customers' everyday lives EASIER, SAFER and more PROFITABLE by developing and selling the right solutions in personal protective equipment. Skydda is available at your local industrial and building store.


Vision and mission;


The customer's best choice.


We contribute towards a work situation which is as safe and efficient as is humanly possible through the proper use of personal protective equipment.

Business concept;

We make our customers' everyday lives EASIER, SAFER and more PROFITABLE by developing and selling solutions in personal protective equipment.

Our markets;

We sell our products via our sales companies in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia as well as via distributors in approximately 20 more countries.

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The history of Skydda dates back to 1976, when it formed part of Järnia AB. The concept was developed over time and today is the leading concept within personal protective equipment in the Nordic countries. In 1997, Skydda was established as an independent company, and since then, has increased its turnover from MSEK 280 to today's MSEK 1,200. The Skydda concept is currently represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Estonia. Parts of the product range are sold in approximately 20 more countries.

”We have the leading concept within personal protective equipment in the Nordic region”


Skydda i Sverige AB is certified with regard to Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety according to the requirements in ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. This means that we have documented procedures for how to work to achieve satisfied customers, reduced environmental impact and a safe working environment. The certifying body DNV reviews our operations. 

certificate iso qualtiy/environment/occupational health

Our quality policy;

The B&B TOOLS group seeks to surpass its customers' requirements and expectations. Our customers should feel confident that they will get the right product at the right time, where we offer products and services of the best quality at the lowest total cost. We strive for good, professional relationships with our stakeholders and ensure that each employee is committed to their own and the group's quality commitment through continuous improvement.

Environmental policy;

The environmental policy of the TOOLS group expresses an intent that the group must take its share of responsibility in showing respect for the environment and contributing to a sustainable development. Environmental activities will be conducted within the framework of the group's business concept and be well integrated into the operational activities. With high competence among employees and through constant development of the group's understanding of environmental impacts, a holistic approach can be pursued on environmental issues. In the selection of suppliers, products and services, the smallest environmental impact will be pursued as far as is technically feasible, economically reasonable and environmentally justified.

Recycling and conservation of resources will be an important starting point for the group's business activities. Through efficient transport solutions and high quality products and services, we contribute to reducing resource and energy consumption. By following or exceeding the requirements of environmental laws and regulations, the B&B TOOLS group will stimulate each part of the trade chain to prevent and reduce pollution and other negative environmental impacts through continuous improvement.

Producer responsibility;

We take producer responsibility for packaging and electrical products and batteries through membership in REPA and Elkretsen respectively.
Our safety data sheets (MSDS) for chemical products are available at Toolstore. As a distributor and downstream user, we require suppliers / manufacturers to follow the REACH Regulation.

If you have questions about Skydda's quality and environmental commitments, please contact Anita Åsedal, B&B TOOLS, tel. +46 104 54 74 22.

health policy;

The B&B TOOLS group's goal is, in collaboration between employers and employees, to create the best possible working environment in order to be an attractive and competitive employer. A good working environment is a prerequisite for optimum performance and is thus an important competitive advantage and a strategic issue. Laws and other requirements within the occupational health area must be observed to prevent injury and illness. The company's work environment, including both physical and psychosocial factors, will be characterised by commitment, efficiency, willingness to change and accountability.


•  be distinguished by a committed leadership and excellent skills in all positions

•  be characterised by respect and trust in each other and in inspiring our will to succeed

•  include constantly improved management of occupational health and safety issues and our work environment performance

•  create conditions for better performance as well as personal and professional development

•  involve decentralised and personal responsibility for health and environment in the daily work, by such actions as adherence to regulations, procedures and decisions. 


Skydda sponsors IF Elfsborg in the Allsvenskan football premiership as well as local associations in Ulricehamn.


Skydda supports the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.