Buy 120 pairs of Guide Gloves from selected models and get extra discount

CAMPAIGN START FEBRUARY - Buy 120 pairs of gloves from Guide and get an extra 7% discount and a sales-driving dump bin with a top sign.

For the most demanding work environments where every second counts and every movement is crucial, we proudly present our waterproof gloves from Guide Gloves. Designed to withstand nature's challenges and keep your hands dry and protected, these gloves are the ultimate choice for professionals who never compromise on performance and comfort. Mix freely among 3 selected models 585, 594, and 9504.

NOTE! You can place this order online. Enter the code SS24GULI in the campaign code field in the shopping cart, and you will receive the discount and the dump bin adjusted after you have submitted the order.

The following models are included in the campaign and are ordered online, i.e., added to the shopping cart:

Waterproof glove Guide 585

Work glove Guide 594

Work glove Guide 9504

The following display material is included with the purchase of 120 pairs:

445600016, Dump bin: 1 pc

445600017, Top sign: 1 pc

The offer is valid until April 30th or while supplies last - first come, first served.