Mix freely between L.Brador's selected favorites and get extra discount

CAMPAIGN START FEBRUARY - Order 40 pieces of clothing among selected favorites and get an extra 7% discount.

Maximize your assortment by freely mixing from the range of sweaters, jackets, shorts, and pirate pants below to create a varied and attractive collection. When purchasing 40 pieces, we offer you an extra 7% discount. L.Brador combines function, comfort, and style in every garment to meet the needs of its users. Make sure to offer your customers the best - become part of the L.Brador family and create winning deals with our range.

Get a free L.Brador pallet rack and pallet cover.

A nice stand that is easy to assemble on a pallet, use it to hang pants or jackets. Can also be used at fairs or exhibitions to display clothes.

Campaign material:

Item nr pallet cover 447000627

Item nr pallet rack 447099056

NOTE! You can place this order online. Enter the code SS24LBSP in the campaign code field in the shopping cart, and you will receive the discount adjusted after you have submitted the order.

The following models are included in the campaign and are ordered online, i.e., added to the shopping cart:

Hybrid jacket L.Brador 6090P Omnio

Jacket L.Brador 2030P Aereo

Jacket L.Brador 2220P Aereo

Jacket L.Brador 2220P-W Aereo

Jacket L.Brador 2221P Aereo

Jacket L.Brador 2221P-W Aereo

Sweatshirt L.Brador 6123P Aereo

Sweatshirt L.Brador 6124P Aereo

Work shorts L.Brador 1470PB Aereo

Shorts L.Brador 1475PB Aereo

Shorts L.Brador 1053PB Heavy

Shorts L.Brador 1844PB Aereo

Shorts L.Brador 1844PB-W Aereo

Pirate trousers L.Brador 1570PB Aereo

The offer is valid until May 31st or while supplies last - first come, first served.