Choosing the right eye protection

Important factors to consider when selecting eye protection:

  • The eye protection should be well-suited to the wearer.
  • If the goggles do not fit correctly, there is a risk of gaps where dangerous particles or radiation can penetrate and damage the eye.
  • We all have different facial shapes, and there is no one goggle that fits everyone.
  • Many factors play into how well goggles fit, such as facial width and shape.

Three of the most common reasons eye protection is not used

The reason why so many people neglect eye protection is usually due to one of the following reasons. But it's all about choosing the right eye protection.

  1. Eye protection fog up and impair vision - Choose eye protection carefully and select anti-fog eye protection.
  2. Eye protection get scratched easily - Choose eye protection that is scratch-resistant. Quality is important. We have a wide selection of scratch-resistant eye protection.
  3. Eye protection fit poorly and are uncomfortable - Choose eye protection that is well-suited to the wearer and fits properly.


It is important to choose functions based on the work environment in which the eye protection will be used. Comfort is also very important for the user to want to wear the protection. Below are descriptions of different functions.

Scratch-resistant coating

The lens is coated to provide strong scratch protection, which extends the lifespan of your eye protection.

Anti-fog coating

The lens is coated with an anti-fog coating that prevents fogging on the lens. Many eye protections have a combination of both scratch and anti-fog protection.

Adjustable lens angle

Provides the ability to adjust the angle of the lens towards the face for optimal fit.

Adjustable temple length

Provides the ability to adjust the temple length for the best comfort and fit.

Over-the-glasses (OTG)

Designed to fit over existing glasses. Protects your eyes and your regular glasses while maintaining visual acuity.

Soft nose bridge

Soft nose bridge for the best user comfort.