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Disposable coat Tychem Thermopro

Disposable coat Tychem Thermopro

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Disposable coat Tychem Thermopro.

  • Seams with latch straps for protection and strength
  • High visibility
  • Adjustable buckles on the back of the waist and shoulder
  • Integrated sleeves with elastic wrists
  • Protection against liquid chemicals, flash fire and arc in a single layer
  • Permeation protection against a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals
  • Ideal for laboratories or for use on top of existing retardant garments where extra chemical protection is required

Complies to Category III, type 3, 4 and 6, EN 1149-5 - on the inside, EN ISO 11612 (heat and flame), EN ISO 14116 (limited flame dispersion), IEC 61482-2 (electric arc)

High visibility
Protection level
Type 3 Watertight,
Type 4 Spraytight,
Type 6 Limited protection against liquid chemicals
EN standards workwear
EN 13034 type 6,
EN 14605 type 3,
EN 14605 type 4,
EN ISO 11612,
EN ISO 14116,
IEC 61482,
EN 1149
CE Category
Category 3
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