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Disposable coverall Ansell AlphaTec CFR

Disposable coverall Ansell AlphaTec CFR

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Disposable coverall for protection against chemicals. Made of a flameproof material intended to be worn over woven thermal protective clothing such as Nomex or Pyrovatex and offers protection against particulates and light splashes without compromising the worker's protection in the event of sudden fire. The flame retardant fabric with PVC film protects the wearer against liquid chemicals according to EN type 3 & 4. The highly visible bright red colour improves the safety of workers. Adapted for the oil and petrochemical industries, tank cleaning with combustible liquids.

Meets the following European standards:
Type 3 EN 14605 Liquid-proof protective suitsType 4 EN 14605 Splash-proof protective suitsType 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Protective clothing for use against solid particulatesEN 1073-2 Protection against radioactive contamination -Class 1EN 1149-5 Anti-staticEN ISO 14116 Limited flame spread Index 1/0 /

Protection level
Type 3 Watertight,
Type 4 Spraytight,
Type 5 Airborne solid particles
CE Category
Category 3
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