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Hearing Protector 3M Peltor HRXS220P3E

Hearing Protector 3M Peltor HRXS220P3E

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3M PELTOR WorkTunes Pro is a hearing protecion device with a built-in FM-radio in a new design. Seevral smart functions are also new.Improved soundWith WorkTunes Pro you can listen to the radio and music whilst you work, and the entire time you are protected against the noise around you. New loudspeaker design and new, modern electronics give improved sound quality. For your safety the music and sound in the cups is always limited to max 82 dB.

Built-in antennaWorkTunes Pro still features an antenna, but it is now embedded so you do not knock against it and get stuck in limited spaces.

Better protected electronicsWorkTunes Pro features a Dual Shell Design which enables all electronics to be placed on the outside of the cups instead of inside. The electronics are now better protected from sweat and moisture which otherwise can damage the electronics.

A voice gives the frequency When you are searching for stations on an FM-radio it can often be difficult to know if you have found the station you are looking for or not. WorkTunes Pro makes it easy for you. Now you no longer need to worry about where you have ended up. A guide voice informs you of the frequency that you are on when you have found a station.

Save your favourite stationsThe digital radio circuit in the built-in FM-radio enables you to save up to five stations. Your favourite stations are now only as far away as the press of a button.

Listen to musc from your mobile phoneYou can connect your mobile phone to WorkTunes Pro via a cable to a 3.5 mm stereo socket. You then have access to all your playlists, podcasts and e-books in your mobile phone. In addition you also get the ring tone and other signals directly in the headset.

Complies with PPE Directive 8/686/EEC and applicable parts of EN 352.

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