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Hygiene kit Sundström SR 500/SR 200

Hygiene kit Sundström SR 500/SR 200

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SR 500 Filter fan. Supplied in accordance with the following: Fan, Filter adapter - 2 off, P3 paticle filter - 2 off, Prefilter - 5 off. Prefilter holder, Battery charger, Use instructions.

SR 200 Full face mask.

SR 550 hose.

Complies with EN 12942:1998 class TM3. IP 67.

The apparatus is especially suitable for decontamination work, e.g. with asbestos. For decontamination of PCB the combination filter shall be used and the apparatus complemeted with a class A gas filter.

SR 500 Filter fan

Low weight and anatomically formed fan unit and strap for good comfort.

Easy operation with just one button. Two air supply channels +175 resp +240 l/min to ensure optimal protection. These values are held constant while in use by the fan's automatic flow regulation.

Long operating time, between 5-8 hours depending on airflow and filter configuration.

Automatic flow regulation compensates for filter blockage, Self-calibrates depending on choice of mask and filter.

Unique alarm system with vibration, sound and light signals in cases of air-flow restriction, blocked filter or low battery.

Bearing mounted fan motor with balanced impeller for reliability and long service life.

EMC approved electronics with minimum electromagnetic radiation and which is not affected by electromagnetic fields.

Removeable battery of intelligent Lithium-ion type for quick charging and no negative memory effects.

Easily cleaned and watertight.

Supplied as below:

  • Fan
  • Standard battery
  • Strap
  • Filter adapter - 2 off
  • P3 Particle filter - 2 off
  • Prefilter - 10 off
  • Prefilter holder decontamination - 2 off
  • Flow gauge
  • Battery charger
  • Use instructions
  • Full face mask SR 200
  • Hose SR 550A

Battery and charger: Battery capacity and charge time are dependent on how well the fan functions in a particular application.

Lithium-ion batteries with no negative memory effects, quickly charged and with only 1% self-discharge per month. Well protected, gold-plated contacts to prevent oxidation and operational disturbance.

Two battery alternatives available. Standard (provided with the fan unit) 14.8 v 2.2 Ah, charge time about 1.5 hours. Heavy-duty with about 50% additional capacity. Same size, 14.8 v 3.6 Ah. Charge time about 2 hours.

Automatic 3 step charger with LED indicators.

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