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Disposable coverall Microgard 2000 TS Plus

Disposable coverall Microgard 2000 TS Plus

Product information

Disposable coverall for protection against chemicals. Provides a good barrier against toxic substances in liquid form and fine particles. Sewn and taped seams provide guaranteed protection for type 4, which is particularly important in the pharmaceutical sector. Microgard 2000 is designed so that water vapour (perspiration) is transported out of the suit while it withstands saturation of liquid chemicals and filters out 100% of particles down to 0.01 microns. Adapted, among others, for fibre glass manufacturing, mining industry, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, shipbuilders, spray painting.

Meets the following European standards:
Typ 4 EN 14605 Splash proof protective suits
Type 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Dry particle suit
Type 6 EN13034 Protective suit against restricted splashing
EN 1073-2 Protection against radioactive contamination - Class 1
EN 1149-5 Anti-static
EN 14126 Protective clothing against infectious substances
DIN 32781 Protective clothing against pesticides

Protection level
Type 4 Spraytight,
Type 5 Airborne solid particles,
Type 6 Limited protection against liquid chemicals
CE Category
Category 3
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