L.Brador Omnio - basic functions for a working day

Omnio is the collection for you who may work as a janitor or installer - or you are referred to as the company's "all-in-all" - the person who solves everything. If so, you will likely find your perfect work clothes among our Omnio garments. Mix and match with our other families to optimize your working day.

L.Brador Omnio work trousers

Omnio work trousers have all the basic functions needed during your working day. You can find work trousers both with and without stretch. So that you can choose what suits you best.

L.Brador Omnio tops

Here is something for everyone. Regardless of what you work with, you will find something that suits you. Omnio tops are basic garments with a little something extra.

Below you see garments that are part of the Omnio series