Guide's new chemical protective gloves are crucial for your safety

Exposure to chemicals can have adverse effects on your health if sufficient protection is not used. To prevent serious injuries, Guide offers a range of chemical-resistant gloves, each with unique protective properties.

Handling chemicals poses significant risks, whether it's in production, maintenance, cleaning, or other activities. The higher the breakthrough time is the longer you can wear the glove before chemicals penetrate. However, keep in mind that the chemical still affects the glove material negatively even if the glove is not in use. Use a new glove each time to err on the side of safety.

Refer to the user instructions accompanying each protective glove for more detailed information about your specific glove. There is also more to learn in the European standard for chemical protective gloves EN ISO 374-1:2016.

PRO-CHEM series

The Guide Pro Chem series is the obvious choice for those working in high-risk areas with chemicals. Its chemical-resistant properties provide extensive protection even against the most aggressive chemicals and solvents. Each glove in the Pro Chem series has unique features to handle specific risks and requirements, ensuring optimal performance. Strong ergonomic characteristics, including a snug fit, softness, and flexibility, offer maximum comfort and precision.

Pro Chem is recommended for chemical processing and preparation, handling, cleaning, fuel management, and maintenance.

This series includes 4020, 4038, 4042, 4022, 4034, and 4044.


The PRO CHEM DISPOSABLE series offers exceptional chemical protection against hazardous substances while guaranteeing excellent comfort and dexterity across various applications. These flexible and versatile disposable gloves are suitable for a variety of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, petrochemicals, and agriculture.

PRO CHEM DISPOSABLE is recommended for sampling and processing, laboratory analysis, repair and maintenance, and fluid transfer.

This series includes 7014, 7020 and 7012.

XLNT 9510

Guide XLNT 9510 combines exceptional chemical resistance with outstanding precision. Its two-layer liquid-proof nitrile coating, featuring Guide XLNT technology, provides superior grip in both oily and dry environments. Excellent moisture regulation and outstanding protection against harmful liquids and chemicals. High fingertip sensitivity even in the most demanding conditions.

XLNT is recommended for handling and cleaning of parts, sampling, assembly and component assembly, application, and tool handling.

XTRM CHEM-serien

Chemical protective gloves in the XTRM CHEM series are specially designed for use in heavy and medium-duty environments. In addition to a high level of protection against chemical exposure, the different models have individual features that enable good dexterity and grip, as well as additional protection against cuts, heat, and more.

XTRM CHEM is recommended for handling chemicals, loading and mixing, equipment maintenance and repair, adjustment of pumps, pipes, and valves.

This series includes Guide 9401, 9403, 9404W and 9405.