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3M Adflo respirator unit with belt and charger

3M Adflo respirator unit with belt and charger

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The lightweight 3M Adflo respirator unit has a slim design for good balance and a high level of user comfort.

  • The lithium-ion battery reduces the equipment’s total weight by 20% compared to earlier models.
  • The thin profile and ergonomic design make it easy to weld in confined spaces.
  • When used with the correct filters, Adflo fan-assisted respirator units offer protection against both particles and gases.
  • The airflow can be increased from 170 l/min. to 200 l/min. at the push of a button to cope with hot and humid environments.
  • Equipped with a filter indicator to show filter status on a display plus filter clogging alarm.
  • This model comes with a hose, standard battery, charger and leather belt.

Compliant with EN 166. Respiratory protection: EN 12941 (TH2P, TH2 A1B1E1 P).

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