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3M Versaflo Starter Kit IS A2P TR-819E

3M Versaflo Starter Kit IS A2P TR-819E

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3M Versaflo Starter Kit, IS, A2P, TR-819E including TR-802 EX-rated respirator unit plus all necessary components to get started immediately.

The 3M Versaflo TR-819E Starter Kit contains:

  • TR-802 EX-rated Respirator Unit.
  • TR-830 EX-rated Battery.
  • BT-30 Breathing Tube.
  • TR-6310E (A2P) Filter.
  • TR-6600 Pre-filters (10 pcs.).
  • TR-641E Battery Charger.
  • BT-922 Cover for Breathing Tube.
  • TR-838 Battery Attachment Tool.
  • TR-627 Easy Clean Belt.
  • TR-6300 Filter Cover and TR-971 Airflow Indicator.
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