Choosing the right head protection

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right head protection. It entirely depends on your work situation and the risks you are exposed to.

There are many different types of head protection:

  • Head protection against mechanical impact: For work or activities where there is a risk of head injury due to falls or impacts (mechanical causes). Examples include mining, tunneling, and other types of rock work, work in confined spaces, construction and engineering work, forestry, loading and unloading work, work in shipyards, heavy industry, etc. Note that industrial helmets should protect against falls and objects.
  • Head protection against extreme heat: For work where there is a risk of exposure to extreme heat, such as work in foundries and smelting plants.
  • Head protection in cold temperatures: For work where there is a risk of frostbite.
  • Head protection against electric current: For work where there is a risk of head injury due to contact with conductive, uninsulated wires and cables in connection with hazardous voltages.
  • Head protection against arc flashes: If there is a risk of this, there are packages that contain a helmet, hearing protection, and visor that are specially approved for arc flashes.