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CleanSpace ABE1 P3 Combination Filter

CleanSpace ABE1 P3 Combination Filter

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The CleanSpace ABE1 P3 Combination Filter for PRO/ULTRA power systems protects against organic and non-organic gases and vapours, as well as particles. All combination filters, including gas and chemical filters, are supplied with integrated P3 particle filters to ensure effective filtration of both particles and gases.

  • CleanSpace has developed Intelligent Filter Management Technology (IMFT) to refine the airflow through the filter and maximise utility and efficiency.
  • Each filter is individually identified with an internal microchip so that time of use and date can be tracked whenever a CleanSpace ULTRA is started.
  • The advanced electronics now provide the opportunity to program an alarm time for combination filters, warning the user when the filter has been in use for a predefined period of time, for example, 100 hours.

Complies with EN12942:1998+A2:2008 TM3

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Combination filters
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