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Combi Filter Sundström SR 599 to SR 500

Combi Filter Sundström SR 599 to SR 500

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Combi filter specially designed to withstand high airflows generated by the fan. A well-dimensioned amount of carbon ensures a high absorption capacity and long service life. The fan is always used with 2 identical filters. Each filter is tested at 125 l/min and is capable of achieving the permeation times without any leaks.

A1 Protects against organic gases and vapour, e.g. solvents with a boiling point in excess of +65°C.

B2 Protects against inorganic gases and vapours e.g. chlorine, hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen sulphide.

E2 Protects against acidic gases and vapours, e.g. sulphur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride.

K1 Protects against ammonia and some amines, e.g. ethylenediamine.

Hg Protects against mercury. Limited duration of use, refer to instructions for use.

P3 Protects against particles.

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Gas filter
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