Different types of eye protection

Eye protection should be used in workplaces where there is a risk of eye injury. There are several types of eye protection, and it is important to choose the one that best suits the current work environment. At Skydda, we offer a carefully selected range of protective eyewear from well-known brands for mechanical, chemical, and radiation risks. We offer protective eyewear with different types of coatings, with scratch-resistant and anti-fog properties, and both clear and tinted lenses. If you need to wear corrective glasses, we also have protective eyewear that fits over them. We have different types of protective eyewear, such as goggles and welding goggles.

Protective eyewear

We divide protective eyewear into regular protective eyewear, goggles, and welding goggles.

Regular protective eyewear

Regular protective eyewear should always have side shields to prevent particles from entering the eyes. There are protective eyewear with both clear and tinted lenses. Some eyewear can also be used over regular glasses.


Goggles fit tightly around the eyes and are used in environments with the risk of chemical splashes or with a lot of particles. These can be worn over regular glasses and have an adjustable headband. Many also have ventilation and anti-fog lenses.

Welding glasses

Welding glasses protect the eyes from radiation during welding work. These are available as full-cover or flip-up models. Welding glasses can be chosen with different levels of shading.

Face shields

In some environments, it is necessary to protect both the eyes and face, and face shields are a good option. Visor screens are available in different materials to suit different environments. Face shields can also be combined with helmets and ear protection.

Welding shields

Welding shields are used in environments to protect the eyes and face from radiation during welding work. Some welding shields automatically dim when the arc is ignited. This allows for work with both hands throughout the welding process and increases the quality while avoiding "welder's neck". The glass and screen provide the welder with protection against harmful UV and IR radiation.