Different types of hearing protection

When choosing hearing protection, the level of protection is the most important factor to consider. Once you know which protection level is suitable for your needs, you can consider what type of hearing protection and functionality you want. Below you can read about different types of hearing protection.

Electronic earmuffs

Earmuffs with radio/MP3

Allows you to listen to the radio instead of noise, without disturbing anyone else. Increases comfort and at the same time increases the use of hearing protection. Level limiters in the earmuffs make it impossible to reach harmful sound levels in the speakers.

Earmuffs with level-dependent ambient sound amplification

With microphones that pick up the sound in the surrounding environment. At low sound levels, it has an amplifying effect to facilitate communication. The amplification decreases as the sound level increases, so that the sound from the speakers can never exceed 82 dB(A). Especially suitable in situations with heavily varying sound levels, such as impulse sounds.

Earmuffs with radio and level-dependent ambient sound amplification

Combines the two functions above. The user can choose which function (radio listening or ambient sound amplification) is most suitable for the moment.

Earmuffs with built-in communication radio

Enables two or more earmuff users to have a conversation even in very noisy environments. Can also be connected to a mobile phone or external radio, CD player or similar.

Earmuffs for communication radio or mobile phone

For users who need to connect their hearing protection to a mobile phone or communication radio.

Passive earmuffs

Available in several different variants: with headband, with neckband, and for mounting on a protective helmet. The shape and size of the earmuffs, in combination with the design of the sealing ring and the strength of the band, determine their sound attenuation ability.


Disposable earplugs

Disposable earplugs are often preferred when hearing protection needs to be used for a long time. They are hygienic and comfortable and are available in different materials and sizes to offer the best fit. Generally, they dampen sound as effectively as earmuffs. Disposable earplugs should always be readily available, in vending machines or other dispensing packaging.

Reusable earplugs

Available either on a band or with a string between the plugs, and also in different materials and sizes. Band plugs can be placed over the head, behind the neck or under the chin. They are not inserted into the ear canal, which is appreciated by users who have difficulty using regular earplugs. Some of the plugs do not contain any metal parts, making them suitable for use in high-voltage environments.

Earplugs with level-dependent ambient sound amplification

Earplugs with ambient sound amplification function that allows you to hear conversations and warning signals. High sound levels, noise, and impulse sounds are dampened in fractions of a second so that you are protected against hearing damage.