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Disposable coverall Proshield FR

Disposable coverall Proshield FR

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Disposable Overall Proshield FR is used in a range of applications, including petrochemical and railway industries, welding, gas and metal applications.

  • Made of a non-halogenated, flame retardant polypropylene-textile
  • Limited Flame Spread Protection (index 1) In addition to protection against particulates and limited liquid splashes or sprays of water-based liquids
  • Outer seams in orange for visual identification and differentiation
  • Pull flap for protection
  • 3-piece cover and 3-piece cover for optimal fit
  • Elastic face, wrist, waist and ankle
  • Generous fit gives excellent freedom of movement when wearing index 2 or 3 flame retardant workwear underneath

Conforms to Category III, type 5 and 6, EN 14116 index 1 (limited flame spread), EN 1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination), anti-static treatment (EN 1149-5) - On both sides

Protection level
Type 5 Airborne solid particles,
Type 6 Limited protection against liquid chemicals
CE Category
Category 3
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