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Electrically Heated and Insulated Box MC 4

Electrically Heated and Insulated Box MC 4

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Case and brackets in Aluminium.

Very effective treatment of eye injuries, burn injuries and wounds; all in one product. The product consists of a spray-aggregate which generates a pleasant spray mist, together with bags of salt-solution. Treatment can be executed in all different angles and be carried out on the scene of the accident as well as during transportation to the hospital.

The time of treatment with each bag is long, 20 minutes per bag. Several designs of MC are available in order to fit your specific working environment; portable or wall-mounted and with or without electrical heating.

Electrically heated and insulated box.

Thermostatically controlled heating to a maximum of 28°C. Voltage: 12VDC, or 230VAC via a transformer.

Contents: 2x1 litre isotonic saline solution 9 mg/ml, approx 40 min shower time.

Bag with a 1 metre hose as single unit, safety seal.

Spray-nozzle (generates a very fine aerosol spray suitable for cooling burns or rinsing sores. Attaches to the solution bag)

Eye cup (for careful rinsing of the eyes. Attaches with a velcro fastener to the other solution bag. )

CE-marked. High-grade clean with seal unbroken or immediately after breaking the seal.

Heating bag can also be used in combination with a unit for heating of Diphoterine 100, 200 and 500 ml.

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