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Fan package 3M Versaflo TR-600

Fan package 3M Versaflo TR-600

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  • LED indicators for battery charge on the battery and fan unit
  • Warnings for weak battery: vibration, audible alarm and lamp indication
  • Early warning 15 minutes before automatic shutdown due to depleted battery


Robust and ergonomic design for maximum comfort

  • Adjustable airflow for increased user comfort.
  • Ergonomica desgin to sit close to the body and provide increased moveability in tight workspaces.
  • Adjustable belt for optimal fit and comfort.
  • Belt designed with flexible air channels to minimise airflow adjustment.
  • Status indicators for battery charge and particle filter condition.
  • Alarm for low air flow and weak battery.
  • Tight-fitting face mask as accessory with automatic air flow adjustment.
  • Easy tool-free maintenance.
  • Colour-coded contact points.
  • 3M Versaflo TR-600 fulfills IP54 in use, i.e. with battery and filter fitted and the fan in operation. Cleaning in sanitation shower or temporary dipping in water it fulfills IP67 with cleaning plugs fitted to the exhaust and motor. Additionally, the battery fulfills IP67 with battery belt connected.

Supplied with TR-602E Battery-driven fan unit, TR-6310E (A2P) Filter, TR-6300FC Filter cover, BT-30 length-adjustable air hose, TR-627 Belt, easy to clean, TR-632 High capacity battery, TR-641E Single Station battery charger, TR-6600 Prefilter (x10), TR-971 Airflow indicator, TR-662 Spark guard (x2).

Complies with EN 12941 class TH2 or TH3, depending on face part.

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