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Fan Sundström SR 500 EX

Fan Sundström SR 500 EX

Product information

SR 500 EX system.

Sundström's EX classified fan-assisted fliter protection is a system designed for use in explosive environments. The combination of the SR 500 EX fan and the face section decide the apparatus' ability to protect the human airways: The system is EX classified. The considerations for the right choice must be based on a thorough risk analysis conducted by a competent individual in the field, both in terms of the explosion hazard and from the point of view of breathing protection.

SR 500 EX is specifically constructed for use in environments that are explosive or flammable. The filtered air is feed via a breathing hose, the over-pressure created prevents the polluted surrounding air from penetrating in. Start, stop and choice of operating position (175 or 225 l/min) are actioned through the same button.
Equipped with automatic control of air flow, audible and visible alarmsin the event of blockage in the air flow.

The display has clear, unambigous symbols for important data, for example:

  • Small fan image illuminated green during normal operation
  • Large fan image illuminated green during forced operation
  • Triangle illuminated red in the event of air flow blockage or clogged filter
  • Battery illuminated yellow to warn of low battery capacity

Supplied as follows:

  • Fan EX
  • Battery EX
  • Belt EX
  • Filter adapter, 2 pcs
  • Particle filter P3 R, SR 510, 2 pcs
  • Pre-filter, 10x
  • Pre-filter holder EX, 2 pcs
  • Flow meter
  • Battery charger EX
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Instruction manual

NB! Information concerning hoses:
Hoses are not supplied; they are supplied with the various facial products, with the exception of Full mask SR200 which is ordered separately.

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