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Fan Sundström SR 700

Fan Sundström SR 700

Product information

SR 700 Particle fan
Battery-driven lightweight particle filter intended as protection against damaging and harmful particles when there is a high requirement for very good protective properties. Electronics and fan housing are well encapsulated to avoid water ingress and particles, which provides a safe and long service life. Start, stop and choice of airflow is selected via an easily accessible button.

  • Automatic flow control guarantees the flow selected.
  • Display with clear symbols for important data, e.g. selected airflow and type of alarm.
  • Alarms with audible and visual signals.
  • Removeable battery SR 701, Standard, 14,8 V, 2,2 Ah, lithium-ion, charging time around 2 hours.
  • Charger S 713.
  • At a 175 l/min flow the operating time is around 8 hours, and at 225 l/min around 5 hours.
  • For use in ambient temperatures -10 - +55°C.
  • Storage temperature -20 - +40°C.
  • Weight with belt + P3 filter 1100 g.

Supplied complete with:

  • Fan
  • Standard battery
  • Battery charger
  • Belt
  • P3 particle filter x 2
  • Filter adapter x 2
  • Pre-filter x 5
  • Pre-filter holder x 2
  • Flow meter
  • Instructions for use

Complies with EN 12941:1998 and EN 12942:1998.
NB Information about the hose:
No hose is supplied; it is supplied with the different facial parts, excepting the hose for Full-mask SR200 which may be ordered separately.
Battery and charger
The battery capacity and charging times determine how well the fan will function in practice.
Litihum-ion batteries without negative memory effects, quick-time charger with only 1% self-discharge per month. Well-protected, gold-plated plugs to avoid oxidisation and interruption of operation.

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