Filter Scott /3 M Pro 2000

Product information

Filter series for full face masks, Scott Autoflow and Proflow.

Filter canister made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. The filter is very effective with low breathing resistance. Light-weight. The gas filters and combined filters are easy to breathe through thanks to an optimal charcoal level and pressure. The large filtering surface-area on the particle filter element allows both high capacity and low breathing resistance. A large intake duct reduces air-flow resistance to a minimum.

The gas filter is very effective against gases and vapours thanks to high capacity carbon.

The microporous carbon structure gives an enormous absorption surface. The particle filter is extremely moisture resistant with a high filtering capacity against aerosols even in moist environments. Thanks to top-quality materials the gas filter element features a high retention capacity for a long working life.

NBC 10 year storage life.

In accordance with EN 141, EN 143, EN 371.

Can be used with all half masks and full face masks having a standard thread as well as with Scott´s Autoflow and Proflow powered respirators.

Refer to the respirator´s operating instructions to see which of the following filters are usable.

NOTICE! The AX-filter and the AXP3-filter may only be used with Scott's full face masks.

Observe that according to EN 146 and EN 147, no other filter types may be used than those the product is accepted with. To meet CE-standards, only filters that are system-tested together with other equipment may be used. That is, matching filter and respirator brands.

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