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Half-mask Respirator Sundström SR 100

Half-mask Respirator Sundström SR 100

Product information

Silicone half-mask respirator, in three sizes.

  • Two exhalation valves, which ensure very low exhalation resistance.
  • Valve caps with screens effectively protect the exhalation membrane against dust and paint dust.
  • Easily adjustable elastic harness in V-loop design and with large cupped crown disc. This ensures that the mask seals well against the face.
  • The low-positioned filter mount ensures good visibility.
  • The mask is used as filter protection in combination with filters from Sundström’s filter range or in combination with compressed air additive SR 307, which then constitutes a breathing apparatus with continuous flow for connection to compressed air.
  • Supplied with pre-filter holder and test pad for easy function check.
  • Suitable storage: Storage Box 230 or Storage Bag 339.
  • Spare filters sold separately.

Complies with EN 140:1998.

Technical data:

Nominal protection factor: 50

Assigned protection factor: 20

Inhalation resistance at 30 l/min: 3 Pa

Exhalation resistance at 160 l/min: 70 Pa

Temp. range: -10 °C - +50 °C

Weight: 179 g

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