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Kit Half-mask Respirator Sundström SR 100 Pandemic Flu

Kit Half-mask Respirator Sundström SR 100 Pandemic Flu

Product information
  • Packaged in a storage box for dust-free storage.
  • The box contains Half-mask Respirator SR 100, Particulate Filter SR 510 P3 R, Pre-filter SR 221 (x5), pre-filter holder, cleaning cloth, ID label and user manual (English).
  • Silicone half-mask respirator, non-allergenic material.
  • The superior face seal produces a very high protection factor.
  • High-performance P3 R particulate filter.
  • The filter has been tested for 99.997% filtration efficiency for very small particles such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Pre-filter for coarse particles.
  • The half-mask respirator and filter can be disinfected and reused repeatedly (tested to withstand the equivalent of 4 disinfections a day for 18 months).
  • Recommended for laboratory personnel, emergency responders, and healthcare companies where staff are exposed to viruses, bacteria and particles.
  • Simple disinfection procedure.
  • Spare filters sold separately.

Technical data:

Nominal protection factor: 50

Assigned protection factor: 20

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