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LiteCom Headset 446 MHz - helmet attachment 3M Peltor

LiteCom Headset 446 MHz - helmet attachment 3M Peltor

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LiteCom is designed for users who want an easy to use hearing protection with a limited number of functions. All settings are controlled with only three buttons.
Volume: The sound level of the radio signal received in the Lite-Com has five positions.

Channel (Channel): Setting the channel for sending and receiving.

Vox (Voice-controlled broadcast): Setting the microphone sensitivity. The voice control can be switched off and broadcast is only possible by pressing the PTT key.

Squelch (Noise barrier): Setting the sensitivity on the noise barrier. Can be adjusted in six levels. In the lower end position, the noise barrier is disconnected.

Sub Channel (tone selective transmission and reception): Tone selective transmission and reception means that some low-frequency tones must be sent together with the speech in order for a radio receiver to render the broadcast. This provides the ability for multiple users to use the same channel without having to listen to each other.

Power 25mW

PTT(manual broadcast with Lite-Com radio): Transmission via the Lite-Com radio is done with PTT pressed in.

Antivox means that voice-controlled broadcast is blocked when someone else is sending and it is only possible to broadcast using PTT.

Automatic shut-off: occurs after two hours if no function key is enabled.

Lite Com comes with: 2xAA alkaline batteries and user instructions.

Complies with the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC and the relevant parts of European standard EN 352.

Hard hat attachment
Connection for two-way radio or telephone
Radio frequency
Number of channels
Max range
2000 m
Boom microphone
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