Standards for eye protection

EN 166

Eye protection, requirements and specifications.

EN 167

Eye protection, optical test methods.

EN 168

Mechanical test methods. Describes the different mechanical test methods in accordance with the requirements of EN 166 and other standards for eye protection.

EN 169

Eye protection, welding filters.

EN 170

Describes the requirements for filters against UV radiation.

EN 171

Describes the requirements for filters against IR radiation.

EN 172

Sunglasses for occupational use, including glare.

EN 175

Eye and face protection during welding.

EN 207

Filters against laser radiation.

EN 208

Filters for laser adjustment.

EN 379

Eye protection, welding filters with automatic dimming welding glass (adjustable light flow transmittance or double light flow transmittance).

EN 1731

Eye and face protection with wire mesh against mechanical risks and/or heat for occupational use or other uses.