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Regulator 3M Versaflo

Regulator 3M Versaflo

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For use in connection with compressed air systems and can be combined with all 3M's head protection and it ensures an indicual, even and adjustable airflow. The regulator requires a working pressure of 3-8 bar and is extremely quiet thanks to the integrated silencer (less than 65 dBA). The integrated active charcoal filter filters away smells from the compressed air hose. A compressed air filter is mounted in-line to clean the compressed air prior to it being fed into the regulator.Thanks to the extra port a compressed air gun or other compressed air tool can be connected without causing any variations to the airflow inside the protective device.

Properties and features:

  • Built-in signal that alerts in the event of low airflow
  • Breathing hose with quick-release connector
  • Integrated silencer
  • Lockable button for airflow adjustment
  • Removable integrated active charcoal filter
  • Belt with turning mechanism
  • Extra connection for compressed air tools (e.g. compressed air gun)
  • Compressed air connection
  • Easy to clean
  • Airflow of 170-305 l/min
  • Weight 550g.
  • Areas of use: Chemical industry, pharmceutical industry, spray-painting and metalworking.

Complies with EN 14594

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