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Rescue and evacuation device RESQ RPX200 Basic

Rescue and evacuation device RESQ RPX200 Basic

Product information

RESQ RPX is the latest generation of rescue and evacuation equipment from RESQ. – designed and developed with intuitive functions for ease of use.

The RPX can handle most rescue situations in a wide range of industries and extreme environments, from evacuation from heights and lifting from deep shafts to advanced rescues; whatever the scenario, the user can feel confident that the equipment performance is verified.

The design and functionality of the device are based on insights from professionals who work at heights on a daily basis. The RPX is designed to provide confidence in extreme environments and for ease of implementation in terms of user training and inspection.

All functions are located on the front, so no more valuable time will be lost twisting and turning the equipment to double-check. Universal power tool connector for heavy lifting up to 255 m. Top-mounted swivel for optimal positioning even in tight and confined spaces. Laser printed, easy to read data and pictograms engraved permanently on the housing. 280 kg/255 m verified and tested decent weight and height.

Lift and descend
Lift function
Main material
Lanyard material
Max User Weight
280 kg
Opening function carbine
Twist Lock
Material in components
CE Category
Category 3
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