Risk area vibrations

Vibrations are back-and-forth movements and jolts of solid objects, such as motor-driven machinery. There are many professions that use vibrating work equipment. Examples include carpenters (jigsaw, circular saw, drill), assemblers, welders and mechanics (grinding machine, wrench), sheet metal workers (rivet gun), and groundskeepers and property managers (brush cutter, chainsaw, lawn mower).


If you do not protect yourself against vibrations, you can get permanent damage to both your neck and back. Your mobility can be impaired, leading to stiff shoulders. Your elbows and other skeletal parts can be damaged. Your nerves in your hands and wrists can be damaged, causing numbness, reduced sensation, and impaired mobility. White fingers occur due to restricted blood flow and are characterized by temporary whitening of the fingers while the sensitivity and function of the fingers are impaired.

What creates vibration damage in the work environment?

Vibrations are usually divided into two main types:

  1. Whole-body vibrations affect the whole body. They are transmitted when a person stands or sits on a vibrating surface, such as a vehicle or a mobile machine.
  2. Hand-arm vibrations occur when a person works with handheld machines or tools.

Four tips to minimize the risk of vibration damage:

  1. When purchasing machinery or tools, compare their vibration values and choose the one with the best value.
  2. Implement job rotation to reduce vibration exposure.
  3. Most machines and tools have a limit value that should not be exceeded. Find out the exposure time for the machines and train the user.
  4. Make sure the user always wears vibration-damping gloves when exposed to vibrations.


Our hands are exposed to many different risks in various work environments, which makes it important to choose the right type of work gloves to minimize the risk of accidents. By complementing the above thinking with also protecting oneself with the help of vibration-damping gloves, you have come a long way. However, do not hesitate to consult us about which type of gloves is suitable for your purpose.