Risk area noise


The sense of hearing is a complex apparatus that must be protected from noise and other unwanted sounds. In the inner ear, we find the cochlea, the size of a pea, where small hair cells are located. These small cells convey the sound wave to the brain via the auditory nerve. The brain converts the signals into an audible sound. Each cell represents a tone or wavelength. All cells are needed to hear well. (Compare with a piano. If some keys are missing, the music is not conveyed as well). Noise wears out these cells prematurely and they do not regenerate. So, if you lose hearing cells, they are gone forever. That's when you realize that you can't hear as well anymore.


Noise not only impairs hearing. You can experience stress symptoms, elevated blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, difficulty participating in conversations, and more. Hearing damage rarely occurs acutely, but it is the prolonged exposure to noise that leads to hearing loss. If you have suffered hearing damage, it is important to protect the remaining hearing cells.

What creates noise in the work environment?

Different machines, tools, vehicles, and more can cause noise. In the first instance, the noise should be fought at the source. Use other tools or work methods that make less noise. You can try to isolate what causes the noise by encapsulating it and the like.


If you cannot eliminate the noise, you must protect your hearing with suitable hearing protection. In addition to using the right protection, you need to use it correctly. If earplugs are used, they must be applied correctly. The entire plug is inserted into the ear canal to provide the protection they are intended for. The right size is important. The wearing time for all hearing protection must be 100% in noisy environments. If you cheat for shorter periods, hearing damage will still occur. It just takes a little longer.


Hearing protection must reduce the noise to a level where you can still perceive conversations or warning signals, so it is just as important not to choose protection that reduces too much. Therefore, our assortment looks the way it does. We have different hearing protection to meet all kinds of needs. They have different attenuation. Some ear muffs have built-in electronics, some only reduce the noise.