The filter selection guide

In order for the respirator to protect against the air pollution found in the work environment, the right kind of filter must be used. Some filters keep out particles, some separate gases and some are a combination of both. In Sundströms filter selection guide, we provide guidance for choosing the right Sundström filter with the right capacity. Here you will find the filter selection guide.

Particle filter

Particle filters are used to protect against dust or aerosols. Particle filters are marked with P and white color code and are available in three classes:

  • P3 filter separates more than 99.9% of dust.
  • P2 filter separates 94% of dust.
  • P1 filter separates 80% of the dust.

The denser the filter, the heavier it is when you breathe through the filter. Here is more information that is necessary when choosing a suitable particle filter.


A prefilter is used to extend the life of the particle filter, by capturing larger particles. When the prefilter starts to clog, it's time to replace it.

Gas filter

There are different types of gas filters to choose from, depending on the area of ​​use. In order to get the right protection, it is important to know which substances can occur and choose the right type of gas filter. The chart for gas filters gives an overview of different gas filters, their area of ​​use and how they are coded by color.

Combination filter

Combination filters are used when gas/vapour and particles occur at the same time, e.g.:

  • When spraying liquids
  • Condensation of gas/steam
  • Heating of substances

Choose the appropriate gas filter and combine with particle filter.

Here is more information that is necessary when choosing combination filters.