Increasing interest in quality clothing among craftsmen

- We find that offering employees high-quality workwear has become a hygiene factor," says Elin Lundström, concept manager for L.Brador. The workwear manufacturer has now entered into a brand collaboration with CLN Athletics to meet the clothing requirements of modern craftsmen.

The days are gone when craftsmen only wore worn-out t-shirts to work. New generations have completely different demands for workwear.

-"If you as an entrepreneur want to recruit the best employees, you must offer more than before. It is no longer enough to provide the necessary safety shoes and comfortable working clothes," says Elin Lundström of L.Brador.

L.Brador produces workwear for professional groups and individuals with particularly high demands of comfort, functionality, and design.

-"We see an increasing trend that employers demand quality from head to toe, from the inside out. In addition, customers in such a market are interested in new solutions. The trend is clear! -"The demand for workout clothes is not so different from the requirements for good workwear. For us at L.Brador, it is a matter of course that you should no longer need one type of clothing for work, one for training, and one for forest trips."

Workwear and workout clothes in one

It is no coincidence that L.Brador, in collaboration with the sportswear brand CLN Athletics, has launched a collection of functional and comfortable quality garments that are perfect for both work and workout sessions.

-"These are clothes that breathe well and absorb moisture from the skin, keeping you cool throughout the day. In addition, you get a sporty and fresh look," says Elin Lundström.

Unique properties from bamboo

At Skydda, you can discover our assortment of the new L.Brador x CLN collection. Whether you're at work or engaging in high-intensity training, these garments are the perfect combination to keep you comfortable indoors and outdoors.

These t-shirts are made of bamboo viscose with temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties, which keep the body cool and comfortable. The material feels soft with a cotton-like touch, suitable for wearing close to the skin. Thanks to the fast-growing nature of the bamboo tree and its lower water requirements, the fiber is a sustainable alternative.

The sweatshirt and sweater are made of a soft and comfortable cotton-polyester blend with a brushed interior and a fit that provides maximum freedom of movement - just what L.Brador is standing for.

In addition to this, there is also a pair of unique long johns. All to make your workday easier and more protected. These have an extremely high water column for weather protection and extremely high freedom of movement thanks to the unique, soft, stretch material.